Committee Chair Best Practices

The role of the AAP Chair is critical to the success of the Alumni Admissions Program Committee. The committee chair works closely with the Admissions staff and manages the activities of the local committee. Responsibilities include:

Orienting new committee members before assigning interviews.

With new AAP committee members, review the purpose, process, and use of the alumni interview in the admissions committee file review. Direct members to their AAP portal to review training materials. Encourage them to attend the annual AAP training webinar held each September.

Hosting an annual Fall Business meeting to “meet and greet” new and existing committee members. This gathering kicks off the interviewing cycle and provides the opportunity to train new members and update all members on the lastest news from the Hilltop.

Stress the importance of the meeting to new committee members. Follow up with members who do not attend. Pass on all information that was discussed and determine the readiness of your newest members to conduct interviews.

Ensuring committee members meet the AAP’s Eligibility Requirements and follow Interviewer Best Practices.

If you become aware of any members who breach the requirements or best practices, please immediately contact your regional Admissions Officer.

Assigning interviews when they are posted in your AAP Chair Portal.

Regularly login to your AAP Portal to ensure you assign interviews in a timely fashion.

Monitoring the quality of interviewer reports. Follow up with interviewers whose reports are not submitted in a timely manner or by the report deadline.

Review new interviewer’s reports and provide feedback, as needed. Assign applicants only to qualified interviewers. Contact the Admissions Office in the event poor performance warrants removal from the Committee.

Maintaining up-to-date records of committee members’ availability preferences and potential conflicts of interest.

Encouraging committee members to call or email their admitted applicants after admissions decisions have been released in December and April.

Organizing and hosting, if possible and with the assistance of your regional admissions officer, a spring reception at an appropriate site for admitted students, their parents, and committee members.

Establishing and maintaining positive interactions with applicants, their families, and local high school counselors and teachers.

Arrange for coverage at high school college fairs or college nights. Respond to student and parent inquiries in a professional and timely manner. Refer any questions you are unable to answer to the Admissions Office at

Attending the annual AAP Chair Conference. Report to committee members all information presented and discussed.

Cooperating with and responding to Admissions Office staff. Providing helpful suggestions and positive feedback to improve overall quality and functionality of the AAP.

Remaining informed about Georgetown’s policies, campus activities, and trends by reading the quarterly AAP Newsletter and reviewing the University website.