Committee Chair Best Practices

The role of the AAP Chair is critical to the success of the Alumni Admissions Program Committee. It is the chair of the local committee who works most closely with the Admissions staff and directs the activities of the local committee.

Before assigning applicants, orient new committee members.

See that they understand the purpose, process, and use of the alumni interview in the admissions decision. Direct members to the AAP website for training materials and strongly encourage them to participate in the yearly AAP webinar.

Host an annual meeting to orient, train, and update new and existing committee members.

Stress the importance of the meeting to new committee members. Follow up with members who do not attend, passing along information and determining readiness to interview.

Ensure, to the best of your abilities, that committee members meet the AAP’s Eligibility Requirements and abide by the Interviewer Best Practices.

If you are made aware of any members in breach of these, please contact your regional Admissions Officer immediately.

Complete interview assignments as they are released through the AAP Portal.

Log in to the online system weekly, at the very least, to ensure that you are assigning interviews in a timely fashion.

Monitor the quality of interviewers’ reports and follow up with interviewers whose reports have not been submitted in a timely manner and/or by report deadlines.

After reading each report as it is received, notify interviewers of suggestions to improve quality. Assign applicants only to qualified interviewers. Work through the Admissions Office in extreme cases where poor performance may warrant removal from the Committee.

Maintain up-to-date records of committee members’ availability preferences and any potential conflicts of interest.

Encourage committee members to call or email their admitted applicants after admissions decisions have been sent in December and April.

Organize and host, if possible and with the assistance of your regional admissions officer, a spring reception at an appropriate site for admitted students, their parents, and committee members.

Establish and maintain positive public relations with applicants, their families, and local high school counselors and teachers.

Arrange for coverage at college nights as needed. Respond to student and parent inquiries in a professional and timely manner. Refer any questions you are unable to answer to the Admissions Office.

Attend the annual AAP Chairman’s Conference on campus and report back to committee members on meeting topics and actions.

Cooperate with and be responsive to the Admissions Office staff, including their requests and suggestions for improving the overall quality of the AAP.

Remain informed in regard to Georgetown’s policies, activities, and trends through the AAP Newsletter, University website, and any other means available.