Eligibility Requirements and Best Practices

Alumni are eligible to serve as interviewers through the Georgetown University Alumni Admissions Program (AAP) if the below criteria are met:

  • Diploma-holding alumnus/a from one of Georgetown’s four undergraduate schools, or one of our graduate, law, or medical degree programs:
  • Commitment to review all training materials (available online), and abide by the AAP Best Practices;
  • Willingness to conduct interviews without regard to and without discriminating upon the basis of age, race, religion, sex, disability, familial status, family responsibilities, gender identity or expression, national origin, immigration status, personal appearance, political affiliation, sexual orientation, veteran’s status, or any other factor prohibited by law in Georgetown’s educational programs and activities;
  • Adherence to the Protection of Minors Policy of Georgetown University and the Office of Undergraduate Admissions;
  • Adherence to the Data Confidentiality Agreement of the Office of Undergraduate Admissions;
  • Ability to adequately discuss the Georgetown undergraduate experience and refer prospective students to appropriate resources if necessary;
  • Agree not to interview applicants attending the school at which a member of the interviewer’s immediate family is also a pupil;
  • Agree not to interview an applicant with whom the interviewer is already acquainted.

Alumni are not eligible to serve as interviewers if their activities, affiliations, or actions pose a conflict of interest. Conflicts of interest include volunteers who:

  • Work as private educational/college consultants or provide services relating to college applications (e.g. test preparation, application assistance or review, essay writing, etc.);
  • Conduct interviews for another undergraduate institution during the same admissions cycle;
  • Purposely interview students with whom they have a personal affiliation, or interview students from schools with which they overtly hold ties and for which they may be tempted to skew interview outcomes.

Interviewers with any other potential conflicts of interest should discuss them with a staff member of the Alumni Admissions Program by e-mailing to aapnws@georgetown.edu

Important Note: Members will notify the Georgetown University Alumni Admissions Program if they commit or witness any breach of the above expectations. Any member found in violation of our Eligibility Requirements or Best Practices is subject to dismissal from the program.