Welcome to the AAP

The Alumni Admissions Program (AAP) is a worldwide alumni volunteer organization that coordinates and conducts the interview process for first-year and transfer applicants to Georgetown University. With more than 6,800 alumni members around the world, the AAP interviews the vast majority of applicants. Members of the AAP may be involved in the admissions effort in a variety of other ways, including attending receptions, college nights, and local business meetings.

A Reminder to all AAP Interviewers

To access the AAP Portal, please use this link and log in using the username and password provided in an email to you. Once you log in, the system will prompt you to create a new permanent password. Please remember your password; the Office of Undergraduate Admissions does not keep your password on your behalf.

Please bookmark this link for future system access:

Please note that all AAP publications and training materials are available on your AAP Portal. If you need help accessing your AAP Portal or if you have any questions, please contact aapnws@georgetown.edu.