Welcome to the AAP

The Alumni Admissions Program (AAP) is a worldwide alumni volunteer organization that coordinates and conducts the interview process for first-year and transfer applicants to Georgetown University. Over 6,000 alumni strong, the AAP membership interviews the vast majority of applicants. Members of the AAP may be involved in the admissions effort in a variety of other ways, including attending receptions, college nights, and local business meetings.

A Reminder to All AAP Interviewers

For security reasons, Georgetown University requires that all students, faculty, staff and alumni change their NET ID passwords annually.

If you are having trouble logging into AAP Online, it is likely due to an expired password. The most efficient way to have your password reset is to call University Information Services (UIS)at 202-687-4949 any time of the day or night. UIS may be able to reset the password over the phone based on personal information.

Once you have a working password, enroll in the Password Management System. This will allow you to easily change/reset your password as needed.