AAP Publications

AAP Handbook and Training Materials

We encourage all AAP members to refer to the AAP Handbook for an in-depth look at the history and goals of the AAP, as well as valuable direction regarding how to conduct interviews and provide the most beneficial interview reports. Our Interviewer Guidelines also provide quick, helpful tips on conducting interviews and writing reports.

Student Profile

Our Student Profile is another useful source of information for interviewers. The profile includes key admissions and demographic statistics that provide a better understanding of Georgetown’s student population and the competition for admission to our four undergraduate schools.

AAP Portal Instruction Manuals

The AAP Portal Instruction Manuals provide detailed instruction on how to use the AAP Portal, giving step-by-step directions for updating your contact information, viewing your assigned interviews, and submitting your interview reports.

AAP Newsletters

The AAP Newsletter is a quarterly publication. The newsletter is designed to keep interviewers informed about current events on the Hilltop and AAP policies. It aims to keep our AAP community connected to each other and the university. Below, you can access our current newsletter, as well as archived editions.